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Association of State and Federal Directors of Correctional Education


Is an informal affiliation opportunity dating back to the early 1980’s.  It provides peer networking opportunities for persons responsible for the administration of educational programs in state prison systems, in state juvenile justice system schools, in federal correctional facilities and in schools within large jails/detention centers.  Education coordinators for private correctional providers are also welcome.  Through our professional affiliation, we hope to more effectively assure that high quality educational opportunities are abundantly available to persons in correctional or juvenile confinement in the United States of America.

Because the structure of correctional education program systems varies greatly, the Association has not practical method to “qualify” those who may wish to participate in its meetings or communications.  Potential participants are asked to self qualify by considering whether their professional responsibilities are those of the administrative leader of a correctional education system.

The Association does not maintain a system of formal membership.  It has traditionally hosted two meetings annually which are held in conjunction with national Correctional Association conferences.  These meetings provide an opportunity for attending directors to receive information from appropriate organizations and individuals, to share information among themselves, to establish informal peer connections, and to conduct the business of this association.  Because this Association is dependent upon the Correctional Education Association, participating directors are encouraged to establish and maintain CEA memberships and also to register for CEA conferences when attending an association meeting.

Officers of the Association are elected bi-annually and include a President, Vice President, Secretary and representative to the Correctional Education Association Board.  Current officers are Kristina Hartman, (TX), President; Heather Gay, (MI), representative to the CEA Board; Tracie Hightower (OR), Vice-President; and Jody Burtt, (MI), Secretary


The Association offers a listserv opportunity for the purpose of facilitating ongoing communication among directors.


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