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CEA publishes scientific and historical research to build a body of specific best practices. As we study outcomes over time, our members continue to improve the service they provide to their students and institutions. Our research also demonstrates to policy makers, media, and the general public that education in these settings makes a positive difference in crime reduction and continues to benefit society.

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CEA Peer Literacy Program

The realities of incarceration present special challenges to inmates who want to learn and teachers who want to teach them. In 2005 CEA and its partners with the Ohio Department of Corrections launched the Peer Literacy Initiative.

The Peer Literacy Initiative trains educators to work with inmate tutors, who help their fellow inmates become better readers. We use the latest research to develop standard practices which can be easily taught and put into use. The multiplier effect PLI gets from teaching tutors effectively has created powerful positive effects in many institutional settings, and serves as a model for institutional education.

Teachers who participate in PLI can also receive college credit through our partners at Ashland University.

Since inception in July 2007, the PLI has trained more than 5,000 inmate peer tutors in Ohio and Louisiana. CEA plans to replicate this successful training several other states.

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