Transforming Lives

Board Members

Kim Barnette, President

Heather Gay, President-Elect

Marcie Koetke, Vice President

Andrea Buttross, Secretary

Denise Justice, Treasurer

International Representative, VACANT

Rhea Bowman, Juvenile Justice Representative

Kristina Hartman, Council of Directors Representative

John Dowdell, Publications

Fran Warsing, Standards Commission Chairperson

Randall Farmer,  National Partnership of Juvenile Services Representative


Kevin Kavanaugh ,Region 1

Tina Cameron, Region 2

Peggy Kaiser Region 3

Cris Fanning, Region 4

Allison Pourciau, Region 5

Tracie Hightower, Region 6

Robert Holtz,, Region 7

Susan McKee, Region 8

Kiara Graham, Executive Assistant

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