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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented annually to someone who has made a major contribution to the field of correctional education during their professional work life. The award will honor an individual’s longevity within the profession because they provided leadership, vision and momentum toward excellence. The Lifetime Achievement Award may be awarded to a teacher, counselor, supervisor, manager, administrator, aide, employee of CEA, or any other position which involved education as its primary duty. This award, however, is not for someone who has only given a few years of service, gained sudden notoriety, or given political support in the short term; it is meant to reflect a lifetime of service to the correctional education field. The honor can be awarded posthumously or to someone still living. In any given year if there are no nominations, or if a nomination does not meet the eligibility criteria, the award will not be presented.


Click here for Nomination Instructions for the Lifetime Achievement Award


Lifetime Achievement Award Past Winners

1999 Sylvia McCollum DC Region II
2001 Douglas Jacques WA Region VI
2002 Jerry McGlone OH Region III
2003 Chris Tracy TX Region V
2004 Jeanette Holm ND Region IV
2005 William Barber  CT Region I
2006 Mary Lou Browning CA Region VII
2007 John McKee AL Region VIII
2008 Ruth Perkins OR Region VI
2009 Jerry Bednarowski WI Region III
2010 Owen Modeland OK Region V
2011 Frank Andrews WV Region II
2012 Rhea Bowman AK Region VI
2014 Tim Phillians OH Region III


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