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Article Submission Instructions


The Journal of Correctional Education is published quarterly. We encourage CEA members to consider writing for JCE. Here are the guidelines for submitting articles to JCE:

  1. Articles should be submitted as a Word document (.doc). Please submit articles by email to David Webb, JCE Editor at We do not accept hard copies sent by mail and such submissions will not be read or returned. Authors will be notified upon receipt of the article and again when the decision of acceptance, rejection, or needs revisions is made by the editorial board.
  2. Please include a cover letter with a statement indicating that the article has not appeared in another publication.
  3. Each article should have a title page including the following items:  (1) Title of submission, and (2) Author’s name, address, phone number, email address, and a brief forty-words or less biographical sketch. In the case of coauthors, respective addresses should be clearly indicated, as well as a note identifying which author is to receive correspondence. Please notify the editor of any change of address and/or phone number that occurs while a paper is in the process of publication.
  4. Each article should include an abstract immediately after the Title page. The abstract should state the essential contents of the article in 300 words or less. The article title should be included on the abstract page, but the author(s) identity or other identifying information should not.
  5. Articles that include figures (including photographs, maps, charts, diagrams, and illustrations) should be professionally rendered and submitted at the best possible resolution (at least 200% of intended display size). All figures should be numbered and have informative titles. Their positions in the manuscript should be indicated by figure number.
  6. We use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and Webster’s Dictionary for questions of reference, spelling, punctuation and format. Your article should conform to those standards.
  7. Footnotes are to be used only for substantive comments, not for citation. Footnotes should be listed appropriately and shown at the end of the text using APA guidelines on referencing.
  8. Articles submitted to JCE should reflect appropriate professional content. Submissions which use inappropriate or defamatory language, and/or which promote issues considered to be detrimental to the profession, will not be considered for publication.

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