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Nominations for CEA Executive Board

The CEA Executive Board provides direction for the organization and represents the interests of the membership. It is time to begin the process of selecting President Elect, Vice President and Treasurer. The President Elect will serve a one-year term (becomes President after the one-year); the Vice President and Treasurer each serve a two-year term on the Executive Board.  Once elected, all three board positions must become a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA) and agree to attend all meetings of the CEA Executive Board.


Written consent from the nominee is required before his/her name is placed on the ballot.  Nominations must be received by January 15, 2019.  Nominees must provide written consent, bio (maximum or 75 words) and picture by January 31, 2019. Election ballots will be mailed February 10, 2019 to all eligible voters. Returned ballots must be postmarked by February 28, 2019.


President Elect

Eligible candidates must have completed at least one prior term on the CEA Executive Board, a current member of CEA and willing to become an ACA member. The President Elect becomes the President upon completion of this one year term, co-chairs the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee, serves on the Standards Commission and serves as Parliamentarian.


Vice President

Eligible candidates must be a current member of CEA and willing to become an ACA member. The Vice President works closely with the President and ascends to the Presidency in the event the President is no longer able to serve.  The position chairs the Membership/Public relations/Marketing Committee.



Eligible candidates must be a current member of CEA and willing to become an ACA member.  The Treasurer assists the President in budget planning, oversees the financial records, submits quarterly financial reports and submits an annual financial report to the membership.  The position chairs the Budget/Grants/Contracts Committee.


2 Standards Commissioners

The two positions are called: Teacher/Practitioner – Those elected must have been a teacher in a correctional setting or correctional educator for a minimum of three years and a CEA member for same period of time.  Should be familiar with CEA Standards.  Must be available to attend at least two meetings per year and participate in monthly conference calls.  Positions are for a two year period. 


As you can see from the job descriptions, these position play an integral role in representing the CEA membership ensuring that organization meets their needs and interests. Everyone has something valuable to contribute to CEA.  The election process is a wonderful way to get involved with your organization.

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