Nominations for CEA Executive Board

The CEA Executive Board provides direction for the organization and represents the interests of the membership.  CEA needs active individuals to provide this valuable input to continue offering services that meet the needs and interests of our membership.  It’s time to begin the process of selecting a President-elect, Vice President, and Treasurer. Once elected, all officers must become members of the American Correctional Association (ACA) and agree to attend all meetings of the CEA Executive Board.

Written consent from the nominee is required before his/her name is placed on the ballot.  Nominations must be received by January 31, 2017.  Nominees must provide written consent, a bio of no more than 75 words, and a picture by February 25, 2017. Election ballots will be mailed March 5, 2017 to all members in good standing.  Returned ballots must be postmarked by March 31, 2017.


The duties of the President-elect are to serve as Parliamentarian, Chair the Long Range Planning Committee during the course of this term, and become the President of the CEA after completion of one term.  President-elect serves a one-year term.

Vice President

The duties of the Vice President are to serve in the capacity of the President in his/her absence, ascend to the presidency in the event the President can no longer serve, and Chair the Public Relations/Membership Committee.  Vice President serves a two-year term.


The duties of the Treasurer are to submit quarterly financial report to the Executive Board, co-sign all CEA checks, deliver a financial report to the membership at its annual meeting, publish a financial statement of the CEA in the Journal or Newsletter annually, and Chair the Budget/Audit Committee.  Treasurer serves a two-year term.

Standards Commission – 2 Representatives

The duties of the Representatives will be to serve on the Standards Commission, which has oversight of the CEA Auditing/Accreditation Process. Representatives must have been a correctional educator for five (5) years, in an administrative position for two (2) years, and a CEA Standards auditor. Standards Commission Representatives serve a two-year term. From these nominations, the Standards Commission will appoint two (2) Commissioners.


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