Austin MacCormick Award Practices in Correctional Education
Application Due April 1.

  • Core Criteria for Best Practices Nominations
    Complete the entire nomination packet.
  • Nominated best practices/program needs to be conducted by at least one person who is a member of CEA.
  • Nominations must have the written approval of the head of the submitting agency or organization. This approval must be included with the nomination packet.
  • The practices/program nominated should be able to be replicated and implemented by correctional educators in order to develop or modify their own program.
  • The practices/program should be implemented by the submitting agency or organization, and should be able to show outcomes/results.
  • Submissions should not be more than 2-3 double-spaced pages. Submissions should be in English.

Each best practices/program submitted should adhere to the following outline:

  • Background/Introduction of Practice or Program
  • Development/Design
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation Process
  • Outcomes/Results
  • Conclusion

The best practices/program will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Practices/program model is unique and innovative
  • Practices/program is progressive and promotes advancement in the field
  • Practices/program has an evaluation component to measure its goals and objectives
  • Practices/program may be replicated or generalized to other settings

Extra consideration will be given to nominations that have received recognition from outside the submitting agency or organization. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Colleagues or experts in correctional education
  • Referenced in books or articles
  • Regulatory or accrediting agencies
  • Award for excellence or innovation

Please include this information with your submission.
Award winner and finalist nominees’ submissions may be submitted to the Journal of Correctional Education for publication. The recipient of the Award also receives a plaque.
The Awards Committee of the Correctional Education Association reserves the right to not award the Austin MacCormick Award if it feels an acceptable nomination has not been submitted.
The CEA Office and National Secretary (Awards Committee Chair)  should receive the application packet no later than March 1.

Mail the completed application packet to the following address:
Correctional Education Association
ATTN: Awards Committee
PO Box 3430, Laurel MD 20709

(443) 459-3984 Fax (443) 459-3088

CEA National Secretary (Awards Committee Chair)
Susan Nell
OSU/CETE 1900 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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