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In order to become a CEA Auditor, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current individual member of the Correctional Education Association.

  2. Be a correctional educator with 5 or more years experience.

  3. Have 2 or more years experience as a correctional education supervisor, or in a higher managerial or administrative position. 

  4. Submit a resume to the Standards Commission that details education, experience, and references as would relate to auditor qualifications.

  5. Have a letter of recommendation and endorsement from your immediate supervisor to become an auditor.

  6. Successfully complete the CEA Auditor Training.

  7. Be approved by the CEA Standards Commission as an auditor.

Auditor Training

Auditor training is comprised of three phases.  The first phase is to apply to become an auditor. The application must consist of your resume, a letter of intention, and a letter of approval from your supervisor. Upon approval from the Standards Commission applicants participate in Auditor Training.  Once an individual has completed Auditor Training, they will receive the designation of “Trainee”.  Trainee auditors must complete a training audit under the supervision of an experienced auditor.  Trainee auditors are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses, but will not be paid for their time. 

Refresher Training

Auditors are required to attend refresher training every three years.

CEA Auditors

Payment of Fees: Full-fledged auditors are eligible to receive travel expense reimbursement and payment for their time conducting the auditors.  The auditor who writes the report describing the audit visit will be paid a report fee. 


Auditors are assigned by the Commission Chair.  CEA will not send an auditor to a facility in the auditor’s home state.  It is possible for some time to elapse between assignments. 

If you are interested in becoming a CEA auditor, please send a copy of your resume and a letter of support from your supervisor to the CEA national office.


Correctional Education Association

Attn:  CEA Auditor Pool

PO Box 3430

Laurel MD 20709


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