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About Us

Since 1930, CEA has provided leadership, direction, and services to correctional educators and institutional correctional education programs around the world. CEA has also been the only professional advocacy group for juvenile justice and adult correctional education to the private sector, political organizations, and social agencies in the United States. 

Our Goals

  • To be the leading professional organization for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice setting.
  • To attain 10% membership of all criminal and juvenile justice educators in other countries.
  • To be a strong force in improving public perception/image of and in increasing a positive public awareness of correctional education as an integral and essential part of correctional management.
  • To be the primary source of professional support and professional information, and to be the primary facilitator of networking for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice settings.
  • To improve the organizational efficiency and sustainability.

Our Vision

CEA is the recognized leader in corrections education both in the U.S. and internationally. The community we support actively shares information, best practices, experience, and mutual strength.

Our Mission

CEA sponsors events, presents continuing professional education, and publishes research and news about the corrections industry for the benefit of its members and the correctional sector as a whole. Our members are educators in juvenile and adult correctional settings charged with helping inmates develop the life skills and education they need in order to return to society and live fulfilling lives.

Our Philosophy

Education is the key to effective rehabilitation. Detained and adjudicated juvenile and adult students need to learn to reassess their values, goals, and priorities in life in way that differs from their time prior to incarceration. Acquiring personal, social, and technical skills are necessary for a successful and permanent reentry into society as productive citizens, parents, and coworkers.


About Us

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