The Correctional Education Association (CEA) is the only professional association for teachers and administrators working in juvenile justice and adult corrections settings!  CEA can help our corporate partners reach this specific audience!

CEA values the participation of the many companies that are corporate members, exhibitors, and advertisers with the Association.  Our members are eager to learn about the latest products and services that assist them with their classroom goals.  We want to help link our corporate partners with our members!

CEA has a variety of ways to assist you!

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The CEA is a non-profit professional association for educators and administrators who provide services to students in correctional settings. CEA was founded in 1945 by Austin MacCormick, a former president of the American Correctional Association.  CEA is the largest affiliate organization of the American Correctional Association.  

Involvement with the CEA provides you with the ability to target decision makers with the power to purchase supplies for educational programs. 

  • 30% of our membership are Administrators
  • 53% of our members are Teachers
  • Nearly 84% of the members receive funding for their programs from either a State department of corrections or education.
  • 76% work with adults and 25% work with juvenile offenders.

CEA’s current membership of 1,600 is comprised of correctional educators throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

CEA is a cost-effective method for reaching a target audience of consumers of education products. Our membership is always looking for new ways to improve the delivery of education in their facilities.  With nearly 83% of CEA membership representing teachers and administrators, your company can ensure that dollars spent on marketing is reaching the right target audience!

Advertising in the CEA Publications:

CEA has two primary publications to keep our members informed of the current issues and events in the field.  Our award-winning academic journal, the Journal of Correctional Education is produced in January, May and September.  Each of these three issues is printed and mailed to the CEA membership.  Our members maintain libraries of the Journal for many years.

The other primary publication is the newsletter, News and Notes.  Issues are produced in September and January.  The issues produced in January, March, August and November. 

Please see the rates and specifications sheet and reservation forms for pricing and deadlines.

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Exhibits at our Annual Conference

The highlight of CEA’s year is the annual conference.  Drawing 400-600 teachers and administrators, the conference is a wonderful place for our corporate partners to personally interact with our members.  The Exhibit Area is a big draw for our attendees who are eager to explore products that help them achieve their goals.  

Part of the Exhibit Registration includes one full conference registration.  We want our Exhibitors to participate in the workshop sessions and join in at the meals and special functions.  Networking is a key activity of the conferences, for ALL of our attendees!

For more information about exhibiting at our upcoming conference, please download and review our Exhibitor Prospectus here:

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Corporate Membership:

Membership is available to our partners!  Full membership provides copies of the CEA publications, advertising in the national events and publications, and one free mailing list rental each year.  CEA also provides special recognition of our Corporate Members!

Please consider joining today for only $315 annually.


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